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Dragonmun Studios is the artistic adventure of graphic artist/illustrator, Heather Scott.

For over a decade Heather has been providing freelance illustrations and graphic designs for children’s books, comics, and websites all around the nation. In her own time she sells her own original works at comic, sci-fi, and anime convention tables. This store is the online companion to that.





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  • More Buttons! Dragonmun Products: A discussion (4/3/2014) - What products would you like to see Dragonmun Studios offer?
  • GenkiGothLogo Sivoa @ MegaCon (3/15/2014) - Hey everyone! As a follow up to my last post, I am announcing that the wonderful people at GenkiGoth Studios¬†have agreed to hold our comics at their MegaCon table! If you would like to pick up any of the Sivoa
  • wpid-wpage_12_by_dragonmun-d79v0ag.jpg Sivoa Issue 8 Pre-orders?! (3/12/2014) - Sivoa: Book of Alecto – Issue (chapter) 8 is almost ready for the printers! To help offset the initial print – costs, I have made it possible to pre-order this single issue via the online store! To get in on
  • Small Progressions (2/12/2014) - While I don’t have any major news to report quite yet, I felt that I needed to inform everyone of a few small progressions on the site. The store no longer bombards you with multiple copies of the same design
  • Let’s Try This Again… (1/12/2014) - I am still in the process of moving the site off of the old web host, But I think that I have found a reasonable alternative here on wordpress.com.¬†I know that the site looks a little clunky in it’s design,
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