Dragonmun Studios is the artistic adventure of graphic artist/illustrator, Heather Scott.

For over a decade Heather has been providing freelance illustrations and graphic designs for children’s books, comics, and websites all around the nation. In her own time she sells her own original works at galleries, art festivals, and conventions. This website is the central hub for all of these ventures. :)

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  • Derpme2015 Oops (11/30/2015) - Man, one of these days I will be all up on the Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday thing (what’s Sunday supposed to be?). I totally forgot about CM until I heard someone mention it on the radio this morning.
  • MegaCon Fandays Nov 21-22 (11/16/2015) - Had an absolute blast at MegaCon Fandays and am exhausted. So much so that it took me 2.5 days to upload these photos. Good time. Good times. ^.^
  • ChristmasCommissions Christmas Commissions (11/9/2015) - Okay, so I know that people don’t like seeing Christmas posts before Thanksgiving, but this is important. Commissions Commissions are a great gift to give for Christmas. They aren’t limited to characters by your writer friends. They can include: Your
  • Fal-Con 2015 Followup (10/22/2015) - Okay. I have to say. Montavello, Alabama is THE CUTEST PLACE EVER!  It’s been ages since I wanted to hug buildings… and… I did. I was there for Fal-Con 2015 and It was a great little show. If you’re in the
  • Post-AWA (9/28/2015) - Oh my goodness, what a fun show! Atlanta, you certainly know how to deliver! I took a lot of pictures at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015, but they are still but a small representation of the greatness that was there. Thank

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